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Whispered Low

(by request: What is Shahadaroba)

OK, I can make sense of this.
“The Nile,”
“Silent land,”
“Ancient sand,”
Egypt, right?

OK, we’re in Egypt.
We’re in Egypt and we’re whispering,
Because a dream is dead
And we’re upset about it.
So far so good.

OK, we’re whispering Egyptians
Who are pissed about their dead dreams.
We’ve made up this word
To say to each other quietly
That means “the future is much better than the past.”

OK, looking forward, looking forward.
“Facing the future,”
Got it.
Hakuna matata.
We’re all standing around whispering to each other,
Partly to encourage,
And partly because it sounds cool.
The pyramids are behind us,
The camels are waiting to be fed,
Nefertiti is really beautiful,
Our age is becoming pretty golden,
But the future will be a lot better?
Better than our golden age?
When we’re all dead?

OK, “Shahadaroba” is kind of a dick thing to say to us,

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