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Fall Festival

(by request: “Fall Festival.” I don’t really feel this grumpy, but I do have dishes to wash. And I do love Christmas.)

Pumpkins and spices and butternut squash
Leave me with millions of dishes to wash.
The smells of the pies and the hot cider marry,
But big bags of apples are wicked to carry.
Baseball is cool but my team keeps on losing,
I like all my friends but I’m tired of boozing,
The weather is good but I’m sure it won’t last,
So hurry here, Christmas, hurry here fast.

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Inconsiderate Blogging Poets

(reader submission – a friend of Claudia’s puts his foot down…and solves his own problem, I might add)

When people don’t update their blogs
The rest of us slumber like dogs
But you are a jerk
If you nap at work
So update! or I will saw logs.

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