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Crash: The Poem

(by request: Please write a poem about idiot thugs who keep calling the Arab guy
behind the counter at Subway “Paco” (as in, “I want swiss on that
Paco. YO, like, alotta swiss Paco son.”) even though he was clearly
of Middle Eastern decent, and his nametag clearly said “Hamid.”)

Never you mind, dear Paco,
No mayo do I now require.
Just keep those Swiss cheese slices coming
And please try to lower your ire.

We see that you’re wanting to jump us,
We know your name’s prob’ly Hamid,
But before with your knuckles you thump us,
Remember: can we even read?

You suffer unfairly this evening,
You’re Arab, not Latin, we know.
We all have our crosses to bear, friend
Sometimes you must just let it go.

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