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Oracle of Humanity

Inspired by this picture:

The Oracle of Humanity

The two most splendid things
On earth
On God’s Green Earth
Are listed thus:
The aquiline face of Fabio
The rigid abs of Fabio

Can humankind
And its frailty
Possibly survive
The blistering power of that heavenly combination?
Would we be Semele
Crumbling to hot ash
In the presence of that lightning bolt?

Perhaps the son of us
Who emerges from the rubble
Would be our civilization’s Haephaestus:
A product of the love of a musclely god
And a people,
Ready to forge fantastic weapons
Ready to marry the most beautiful goddess

But inevitably
And eternally
Completely lame.

Perhaps my fans would like a “backstage pass” to my creative process. Haikus are a good way to get the fast poetry creative juices flowing, aspiring baby poets. After seeing that photo, I knew the muse would strike, so to get her attention, I started typing. Think of it as my own version of doodling.

Fabio, your abs
They could really be improved
By your face in them

And before that one, as I was casting around for inspiration, came this:

what if this damn day
literally doesn’t end
and we are stuck. shit!

Ever yours,

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