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Central Perk Rundown

Phoebe is my favorite one
She’s always having so much fun
She plays guitar and has some quirks
Her love life doesn’t gum the works.

Rachel Green, the fellas’ pride
And fashion forward former bride,
She might just relapse to her status
Of ditzy, rich kid, spoiled brattus.

You can’t say Mon was near as spoiled,
She just likes things to be un-soiled.
She cooks and takes flack from her mother,
Who dotes upon her older brother.

That brother’s Dr. Ross, of course,
(His doctorate’s in “dinosaurs”).
He’s been married all of thrice,
But generally is very nice.

Joey’s made me so perplexed,
I get that he is oversexed,
But although the show claims he’s disarming,
I just don’t find the man that charming.

And Chandler is boring.

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