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All the Answers to the Universe

(by request – “my love for Judge Judy and why I think she
knows all the answers to the universe? It’s like she’s my religion.” Obviously, I didn’t really write this so much as compile it – and do some alterations when necessary. She doesn’t ALWAYS speak in iambic pentameter.)

“That’s the saddest story I’ve heard since Bambi.”
“You want a therapist? Try Dr. Phil.”
“Do you see my mouth moving?” “This job is so easy!”
“When you lie my eye twitches.” “Hey, I’m speaking still!”

“There’s only one attitude here and you know it.”
“Do I have the word ‘stupid’ across my own head?”
“Don’t pee on my leg, and tell me it’s raining!”
“Don’t speak, when I’m speaking, just shut it instead.”

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