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(by request – ahem…”kidney stones and lasers while incorporating the word ‘ureter'” – ADDENDUM: I have since learned that I am pronouncing “ureter” wrong, but I’m going to stick with it, since it’s a great rhyme and also sounds awesomer. Detractors can get stones caught in their ureter, for all I care.)

Is anything quite as unpleasant, dear reader,
As kidney stones lodged way up in your ureter?
As a lady, I’m biased and have to remind you
That screaming in childbirth we prob’ly won’t find you,
And delicately put (I’m aware what my place is),
Our abdomens hurt on a regular basis.
Hopefully, future man won’t have these bothers —
The troubles and woes of their great-great grandfathers
No stones, and (for women) no searing hot flashes
As lasers reduce all our bodies to ashes!

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