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(by request – a poem about Dune)

On Arrakis we eat the spice,
But drinking? We’ve got to think twice,
For water is rare.
So drinkers, take care,
A spoonful will have to suff-ha! I bet you
Thought I was going to end this
Like a limerick.
But I didn’t.
Plans within plans within plans.

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(by request: “can you write a poem about how libraries are alternately the most fascinating and boring places on the planet?”)

O Romeo what is this madness?
You’ve spent shillings on a new book?
Our library local doth have it,
I’m sure, if you’d just take a look.

For there you may find Silas Marner,
And there you may take out The Prince
In fact last year I took my father
And have not heard word from him since!

What can one do at a library
That cannot be done safe at home?
You say they are sources of wisdom,
All knowledge contained in a tome.

But I find it ever so boring,
Though you find your way ’round with aplomb.
When I want the newest Jane Austen…
It’s A-M-A-Z-O-N dot com!!

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Astro Shel

(by request: “What if Shel Silverstein landed on the moon?”)

Astro Shel, Astro Shel,
Flew to space inside a bell,
Had a house on Astro Moon
Wrote his wife an Astro Tune.

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(by request – “what if Dorian Gray was updated”)

Listen, my child, to what I say,
Regarding the life of Dorian Gray,
A beauteous teen with hazel eyes,
Poor Dorian spun a web of lies.

For Dorian’s every social sin
Erupted pimples on his chin,
If falsely he quoth his affection,
Each blemish would invite infection.

‘Ere long the lad appeared thus changed,
The face of evil quite deranged,
His MySpace profile showed the clues
Of one whose yen is to abuse.

But our fair Dorian, I.R.L.
Showed zero signs of inner hell,
The words and deeds that made us sick
Took toll upon his default pic.

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