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(by request – “Martha vs. Oprah”)

“Martha vs. Oprah!”
The little ones cry
As they thread their way through the dark
At every door,
In every home,
To every bench in the park.
“Martha vs. Oprah!”
The news is spread
To every soul in the town,
And the people come out
In twos and threes
And cautiously look around.
“Martha vs. Oprah!”
The dreaded cry!
Rings out to every ear!
And the townsfolk clutch
Their kids to their breasts
And choke upon their own fear.
“Martha vs. Oprah!”
They can’t look away,
Each townsperson holding his breath,
While the fearsome females
Finally clash
In the combat that ends in death.
“Martha vs. Oprah”
The elderly wail
Fifty years after the fray,
And the little ones gather
Around their feet
To hear tell of that fateful day
When Martha and Oprah
Locked their horns
And neither would leeway give
With weapons of flowers
And audience gifts,
Who could quite possibly live?

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