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(by request – “Please compose a piece about how it’s not weird for me to still be in
love with Robert Redford even though he’s like 70 years old.”)

Ladies, it’s OK to feel as flustered as you did
When he was in The Natural or Butch C. and Sundance Kid.
The charm of Bob is timeless, with the pleasure he can bring
As Paul in Barefoot in the Park or Hooker in The Sting.
And though Two-Thousand Seven is not Nineteen-Seventy-Three,
Bob Redford’s still as beautiful as beautiful can be.
But while you’re busy drooling over All the President’s Men,
Think fondly of his fellow fox, Paul Newman, now and then.

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“Equusperer” should be a cross between
“Equus” and the “Horse Whisperer”
Or are they already the same?
Who cares!

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