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ScarJo Is About Feelings

(by request – “Scarlett Johansson”)
Oh, to be Scarlett Johansson,
I’d captivate all of my fans,
I’d have to take all of my pants in,
To accommodate long curvy gams.

I’d drink gin and tonics and juleps,
And never once pay for a one,
They’d all bring me roses and tulips,
As I lay at ease in the sun.

I’d laugh when I saw their eyes popping,
Hugh Jackman would send me regards,
Kate Winslet just might take me shopping,
Pierce Brosnan would play me at cards.

I’d never accept any screenplay
My integrity urged me to scorn,
I’d chuckle and very serene, say,
“Good heavens! I’d rather do porn!”

So don’t, for the moment, deny me,
As I play my fantasy out,
‘Cause if this chance to be Scarlett goes by me,
You’ll all have to just do without.

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