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(by request – “Comcast kept me waiting for six hours”)

There once was a sprightly technician
Who couldn’t quite handle addition
Apparently “seven”
Means “two plus eleven”
To Comcast’s Great Time Mathematician

(This isn’t my best, but it IS a limerick and it DID only take me about a minute. So, it’s not my best but it’s my fastest and most Irish.)

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My God, Linksys!

You’ve got a lot of calls

I guess.

But I

I have not got a lot of


I’d surf while waiting

Endless waves

Of wikipedia.

Or post a bulletin

Or new pics

Or rate a dvd.


I’m forced to watch our cats fight

Think about work

Wonder what the name will be

Of my next available technician.

Maybe Ashley

Maybe Terrell

Maybe Edwin

Jonah Keith Melissa Kevin.

Beth, you are taking too long.

My boyfriend’s beeping in, Sherrie.

And Robert, you need to wrap it up with your other irate customers

Because it’s late

And I am tired,

And my roommate isn’t getting any younger.

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