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(this was a request by a terrible friend who wants me to fail [and get arrested]:

 I want a poem about chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear
terrorism – all of the above if possible. Here are some good terms to
choose from to help get you started:

Chemical : cyanide, arsenic, sarin, mustard, gas, phosgene, hydrogen
cyanide, toxic industrial chemical or TIC (tick)
Biological: ricin, anthrax, toxin, bacillus anthracis, botulinum, plague
Radiological: dirty bomb, cesium, cobalt-60
Nuclear: plutonium, highly enriched uranium or HEU, improvised
nuclear device or IND)

Terrorists use, with alarming aplomb,
Plutonium and the so-called “dirty bomb.”
Chemical terror includes lots of TIC*
And of course biological makes us all sick.
Nuclear: uranium, Chemical: gas
Biological also can feature anthrax.
And mustard gas, arsenic, H. cyanide,
But I better stop ‘fore I get FBI’d.**

*toxic industrial chemicals
**I am not a terrorist. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

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