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by request – “Going back to work after the holidays”

The holidays, they effing rule
We soon forget dumb work (or school);
We party hard, relax and then
At some point as we near the end
Those thoughts creep back, we brush away,
But they resurface New Year’s Day.
“It’s time,” they whisper, “Time to get
“Your khakis pressed, alarm clock set,
“Your meetings scheduled, files prepared,”
But listen, workers, don’t be scared.
I know that work is such a bummer,
But look, six months until the summer!

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Maybe She Wasn’t Listening

A guy
Sat down next to my boss
And asked me to be
On a committee.

I was trapped in a midnight alley
Alone but for the rats
Damp walls on three sides
And him
On the other

He grinned at me from under his fedora.
He opened his trench coat to show me his tommy gun.
“No one is coming to save you,” he said.

Then I leapt up some trash cans
And over a wall
And booked it down the wet Chicago street
Shouting something clever as he howled with rage.

OR I looked at my boss
Looked at the ground
And said “Sure, count me in.”

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